The clinical staff is a team of experienced professionals with distinct areas of specialization and varied personal and educational backgrounds. Yet, they have in common a passion for providing excellent care. This unique blend of sensitivity, professional expertise and diverse leisure pastimes enriches the atmosphere at WWC and facilitates matching clients with the provider most suited to their needs.


Doctor Susan Mickley DroletSusan Drolet Coneybeer, PsyD

Dr. Drolet Coneybeer is a seasoned therapist who specializes in individual/family therapy and behavioral medicine. She received her undergraduate degree from Duquesne University with majors in psychology and sociology. Sue’s master and doctorate degrees were achieved from Indiana University of PA. Graduate work specialties included family therapy and behavioral medicine.

Sue currently works with adults and children with relationship problems, mood disorders/depression, anxiety or those persons who are experiencing life changes and need counsel. Those life changes may include losses of all kinds, vocational or financial concerns or perhaps relationship changes. Sue sees families who may be experiencing marital concerns, a child with behavioral problems, or a teenager or adult child struggling with drug or alcohol addictions. Older families may be adjusting to an empty nest, aging parents or even retirement. Behavioral medicine specialties include trauma, eating disorders, pain management, headaches, pre-surgical evaluations, and insomnia.

Counseling sessions offer support, use research-based therapies, teach positive forms of coping, aid with cognitive and behavioral change and reinforce a person’s strengths.

Rick Jackson, LPCRick Jackson, LPC

Rick is a licensed professional counselor, and he is certified in chemical addictions, domestic violence and anger management. A graduate of Duquesne University, Rick specializes in trauma-related treatments, and he is a continuing education instructor in topics related to post-traumatic stress disorder, early-life trauma and sexual abuse, relationship trauma, domestic violence, and addictions.

A special focus of experience is with victims of interpersonal violence, sexual assault, rape, and he has extensive experience working with police and emergency responders with duty-related trauma, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Rick is experienced in working with couples regarding relationship and communication problems, as well as infidelity, abuse, substance abuse and addicted family members, and behavioral addictions

william-forsytheWilliam Forsythe, LPC

William Forsythe is a multiple state licensed and highly passionate mental health professional. He believes in the importance of finding balance in all aspects of life. William earned his Bachelor of Science (BS) in Psychology from Penn State University. Soon after he entered Columbia University and completed a Masters of Education (M.Ed.) in Counseling Psychology. He has over ten years of experience in the field of mental health.

William Forsythe has been able to support a range of clients from children, teenagers, and adults in both individual and group settings with finding their own therapeutic inner strength. While being well versed in a multitude of mental health concerns, he focuses on sexuality, relationships, LGBTQI+, spirituality, anxiety, and depression. He is highly skilled in and regularly incorporates evidence-based techniques such as mindfulness, progressive muscle relaxation, meditation, Tai Chi, and music for clients to empower themselves. His work assisting individuals with autism spectrum related disorders to develop social skills has influenced William’s understanding of the great capacity every person has to become stronger. William believes in using an approach centered on building internal awareness through exploring thoughts, behaviors, and relationships. Clients are able to gain a deeper understanding of who they are and where they would like their life to grow.


amyRandall Harris, PsyD, Clinical Director

Dr. Harris is a licensed psychologist. He earned his Bachelor of Science (BS) in psychology at the University of Pittsburgh before obtaining his doctorate in clinical psychology from Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP). He has been providing therapy and assessment to youth and adults for the past 15 years.

While comfortable working with most diagnoses, Dr. Harris’ areas of clinical focus include treatment of autism-spectrum disorders, sexual and gender identity disorders, and child/family behavioral issues. Dr. Harris is also trained in psychological assessment for both children and adults, including diagnosis of autism-spectrum disorders, learning disorders, and general diagnostic assessment. His therapy operates from a strengths-based approach which works to guide patients to solutions for identified difficulties.

Rebeccah Slade, LSWRebeccah Slade, LSW

Becky earned her master’s of social work degree from the University of New England. She believes that the therapeutic relationship is at the core of any clinical work. Her work initiates from a client-centered stance and infuses principles and techniques from Internal Family Systems, psychodynamic, cognitive behavioral, and solutions-focused therapy. Becky is a trained Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EDMR) therapist and works with children, adults, families and couples.

Becky works collaboratively with clients and provides a place of unconditional acceptance where individuals can feel safe enough to give voice to their pain and find freedom to move forward to a different future. Areas of focus include depression, anxiety, trauma, life transitions, and mood disorders.

Becky also holds administrative management responsibilities at Wellness Works Counseling in an effort to continuously improve client care and community outreach.

teresa-fioricaTeresa Fiorica, LSW

Teresa graduated from the University of Pittsburgh School of Social Work with a master’s degree and is a Licensed Social Worker. For over ten years now she has worked with individuals experiencing acute and chronic mental health issues as well as individuals experiencing adjustment and situational issues. Her focus is on each individual’s unique needs to return balance to their life. Teresa’s one-word mantra is hope. She believes there is always hope, and we should never give up on hope.

Teresa provides a warm, inviting therapeutic atmosphere free of judgement, where a client feels safe to share their thoughts and feelings.  She believes in a client-centered approach meaning she starts where the client is in the present. She works with the client’s strengths and helps the client realize strengths they may have overlooked. Teresa draws on many different therapeutic approaches to help the client reach their fullest potential. She believes in the therapeutic power of Mindfulness Meditation and the importance of becoming aware of how one processes information and what our own unique self-talk is telling us.

Teresa’s service population is adolescents, young adults, adults and couples. She is experienced in dealing with depression, anxiety, bipolar, situational crisis of life, trauma, self-esteem issues, and assisting couples to strengthen their relationship. She is experienced in performing EMDR, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, a technique to help individuals reprocess trauma they have experienced. She has also just received her certification in CISM, Crisis Incident Stress Management, in the state of Pennsylvania, for first responders.

katlyn-walshKatlyn Walsh, LPC

Katlyn is a licensed professional counselor who has experience working with children, teenagers, adults, and families. Katlyn is certified in Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and works with people who have experienced trauma and post-traumatic stress symptoms.

Katlyn’s  expertise and passion is working with those clients struggling with anxiety, depression, and anger, to assisting them in identifying the source of those symptoms. Katlyn strongly believes that strengthening areas of life, such as relationships, health, work, and leisure will result in an increase in happiness and a decrease in mental health symptoms.

Katlyn adapts her counseling services to the needs of the clients and assists with finding solutions to their presenting problems and reinforcing every client’s strengths.