Therapeutic Process

Therapeutic Process

After your initial interview, you will meet regularly with your counselor at times that are convenient for both of you. During these sessions, you will work together to deal with the concerns that prompted you to seek counseling. There are no concrete timelines to gauge just how long it may take to resolve your questions or difficulties. It is this unfolding transformative process that can chip away painful symptoms and bring a measure of relief right from the start.

We all have a story to tell. In client-centered talk therapy, counselors offer feedback and put forth suggestions relevant to your goals. As clients build trusting relationships with their counselors, the conversation between them becomes more significant. Meaningful dialogue is the core of successful talk therapy and the essence of a timely, positive outcome.

Talk therapy helps clients to:

  • identify and express what they are feeling
  • let go of negative thought patterns that undermine their confidence
  • find reasonable and practical solutions to problems
  • accept and adjust to situations that cannot be changed
  • gain insight into past traumas and learn positive coping mechanisms to overcome their effects
  • understand the relationship between their biology/heredity, their environment/life experience and┬átheir thoughts, feelings, behaviors and interactions with others

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