How We Heal

How We Heal

Sometimes worrisome and negative thoughts interfere with problem-solving capabilities. The resulting stress can alter eating and sleeping patterns, mood, and overall quality of life while it erodes personal relationships. WWC commonly offers three different session types.



Individual Therapy Sessions

Individual therapy sessions can be arranged for adults, children and adolescents. In conjunction with the client, the counselor will strive to decrease pessimistic thought processes and disruptive behaviors thereby restoring peace within the person as well as mending strained relationships. To achieve this, the therapist may suggest involving other relevant people in some counseling sessions.

Couples Therapy

Couples therapy can not only relieve tension in a relationship, it can also contribute to the well being of each partner. An objective, non-judgmental counselor can mediate differences a couple cannot settle on their own. This process involves partners honestly looking at their role in the relationship and taking responsibility for it.

Family Therapy

Family therapy is needed more often today with the changing dynamics of parenting roles, blended families and temptations that confront children of all ages. Because harmonious family relationships are a vital part of a person’s emotional well being, WWC counselors use a family-system approach in counseling. By shifting attention from an individual to the family, counselors can improve communication skills among its members and establish respectful boundaries with a method of accountability. Just as every individual is recognized as unique, so too is each family and the struggles it faces.

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