What to Expect

What to Expect


Making the first call

When prospective clients call the WWC office about an appointment, an administrative staff person asks for their contact information and what prompted them to make the call. New clients are welcome to indicate if they have any sensitivities regarding selection of their counselors. This enables Dr. Drolet to match new clients with the counselors best suited to meet their particular needs. It is also important for us to know if clients need any special accommodations during their sessions. The administrative assistant will explain payment options and verify insurance coverage during this initial phone call.


After Dr. Drolet creates the client-counselor match, the new client’s phone intake information is given to the counselor who will contact the client by phone within 24 hours during the business week. At this time, clients can schedule their initial evaluation, and if they chose, they can further discuss their concerns and circumstances. Counselors strive to schedule new clients within five business days of receiving Dr. Drolet’s referral.

Preparing for the evaluation

When you arrive for your first appointment, please go to the waiting area window and introduce yourself to our receptionist. Bring with you a form of personal identification, your insurance card and a list of your current medications along with any legal documents that relate to your situation. Please arrive fifteen minutes prior to your designated appointment time to complete new client forms. Tea and a wide selection of current magazines are available for you in our pleasant waiting area until your counselor comes to greet you. Restrooms are located on each floor for your convenience.

New patient forms

In order to clarify your rights and responsibilities as a client and our obligations as your psychological counseling service provider, you will be asked to read and complete forms regarding privacy of your medical records, our cancellation policy and your financial responsibility for services.

Assessments for adult clients

In order to assess how deeply you may be affected by your situation, you will be asked to complete two brief multiple choice inventories. These inventories often provide valuable insight for both the client and the counselor.

Personal interview with clinician

The most important part of the evaluation is the conversation between client and counselor. In addition to the counselor gathering your personal and family history, you will be given an opportunity to speak about your concerns. Taking all these matters into account, your counselor will determine an initial treatment plan and frequency of your visits. It takes time to get acquainted with your counselor and build a trusting relationship so it may take a few sessions for you to feel comfortable with your counselor.