Other Therapies and Counseling

Other Therapies
and Counseling Services

Sometimes a specific type of therapy or counseling is needed to familiarize clients with coping mechanisms to eliminate tension and inappropriate reactions to challenging circumstances. During these counseling sessions, counselors teach clients skills and techniques to handle these uncomfortable situations calmly and to find answers to complicated questions. With practice, clients incorporate new behaviors and responses learned in therapy into daily life.
Wellness Works, Butler, PA Counseling Services

Anger Management

This therapy helps people control their excessive anger. The anger has resulted in an impairment of functioning, such as loss of control in the home or work setting. “Road rage” is another problem that can be improved by anger management.

Conflict Resolution

Conflict resolution helps people to improve difficult relationships. Counselors use this form of therapy with people who are co-parenting children after a separation. When an estranged parent is attempting to reunite with a child, a counselor can utilize conflict resolution to repair the relationship. This type of counseling is often court ordered.

Life Coaching

Life coaching is individual counseling to help with significant life changes whether unwanted, unexpected or planned. The coach/counselor helps the client set clear behavioral goals and is available for guidance and support during the change process. The areas of change often are connected to employment, physical health or personal relationships.

Stress Management

This type of therapy uses a cognitive behavioral process that helps individuals to reduce day-to-day stress. It involves physical exercise, relaxation, expression of feelings and modification of thoughts. Stress management techniques often involve lifestyle changes wherein the client changes their activities and creates more balance between work, home, extracurricular activities and relationships.

WWC is committed to helping our clients handle challenges and changes beyond the scope of primary services listed above or to providing the proper referral.

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