My counselor is wonderful. She is so in tune to her clients and their needs. She always returns phone calls and e-mails. If she’s having a bad day, you’d never know it. In a word, she is awesome!! The office staff is great as well. They are very helpful and always friendly.

Our experience has been great. All the staff members are helpful and kind. Thanks for providing a place in Butler where we can feel all our needs are met.

My counselor has been a wonderful addition to my daughter’s support group. She has been very supportive to me and my daughter. She also is perfect in her interaction with both of us. Thank you!!!

I love my counselor. She’s nice and tries to help her best with things.

Our experience has been very positive. Our daughters’ therapist is awesome and she is helping them tremendously. She is very professional, kind and understanding. We are very pleased with the level of therapy they are receiving.

My counselor has given me very thought provoking ideas in our sessions and I am very comfortable discussing things with her.

I’ve been with you all for over five years. I have been blessed to be here. My therapist is the best therapist I have had, and I have been in therapy since I was twelve years old. I am now thirty-eight. The director is always very nice when I see her. Thank you both.

It seems like my therapist is one of my family members. Wellness Works has helped me grow into a better person, and I’m extremely glad for my time here. I’ve finally learned how to smile.

I feel I have come a long way in my therapy thanks to your staff. I feel more confident in myself every session.

The staff is very welcoming. The overall atmosphere is warm. And the services I’ve received have been beneficial as well as necessary. I lucked out when I found Wellness Works.

You have given me a wonderful person to talk to. Thank you Wellness Works. My counselor is a beautiful person. She has really been the only person I have ever opened up to about a lot of things. I feel good after talking with her because she listens and shows she cares. Wonderful lady! I know a lot of people but I do not have friends. I never learned how to make one. But I can honestly say my counselor is a friend.

From the first time I called and gave my information, I was called back that same day and given an appointment the very next day. Thanks. My counselor has listened and brought up points I didn’t think were important at the time. But when I thought about them later, they were the very things I needed to be thinking about. I’ve learned skills for working on my problems and made steady progress in a way in which I didn’t think would help right now. But looking back, reviewing and continuing counseling, it is the exact way to put things into perspective. I have a way to go, but I’ve come a long way. I told my counselor I would be honest from the beginning, and she held me to that even when I tried to shy away from it. I had to look in the mirror. I like the fact that I’ve had no problems with the billing. Thank you. Insurance can be a headache. The building is very friendly inside and out. I like your new landscaping. I always feel welcome there.

My counselor helps me more than other psychologists have. My counselor seems caring.

They made sure every single question I had was answered, and are always available if I think of any more questions I want answered. Their staff is the most friendly, welcoming staff I’ve ever dealt with. They are so warm and professional, and make the whole experience that much better. I was so impressed with the progress I was able to make after visiting them. All my questions were answered, and I feel a lot more confident and hopeful about the future. The office was very easy to locate. I didn’t have any trouble finding it at all. I will absolutely return. I had an amazing experience, and they were by far the best I’ve ever seen.

They paid close attention to me and all of my questions were answered. Their staff is very friendly and professional. I was very satisfied with my visit. They were helpful and I left feeling encouraged. The office was easy enough to find.

I look forward to coming to therapy. It’s a place to come to to relax and to talk to an adult about what’s going on with my week and get some positive feedback on what to do in the following week to see what works and what doesn’t.

The staff is very wonderful, very friendly and professional. The atmosphere is very homey. Makes you feel like you fit right in-very relaxed.

Since I have been coming to Wellness Works, beginning in January 2005, I have never had a therapist quite like the one I have now. Her compassion and love for her clients is one of the most beautiful things I have ever experienced.

I was at my lowest point before I started seeing my current therapist. I was hoping to seek therapy a second time just to have someone tell me it was going to be all right. My therapist did more than that. She not only assured me it was going to be okay, but she worked with me right down to the smallest details to make sure my issues can be solved.

During my 8+ years with her, she has shown so much professionalism, love, compassion and knowledge in her field. I have made progress the past 8 years, but I could not have done it without her. My therapist will always be a part of my life, and I would recommend her to anyone. So thank you to Dr. Drolet and Wellness Works, and of course, to my therapist for her concern for my well being and the well being of others.

From day one, I have felt incredibly comfortable and at ease. I have seen dramatic improvements in my life and my daughter’s life almost immediately. The common sense and logical approach given to us in problem solving and various ways to resolve situations has been immeasurable. At a time when I felt the weight of the world on my shoulders and great concern over what my daughter’s actions represented and could mean for our future.

Our therapist was able to get to the root of the problem and offer both of us valuable and useful advice to get us back on track. Through our counseling, I was able to better see things through my child’s eyes and understand her better. I credit Wellness Works, the staff who made me feel reassured from my first call that I was moving in the right direction, and our therapist specifically, in putting us on the right course and saving us as a family. A simple letter can never express my gratitude for what counseling through Wellness Works has done for us. Thank you.

The waiting room is a pleasant atmosphere with magazines and sometimes subtle music is played while waiting. The receptionists are extremely helpful and kind. Appointments can be made ahead of time for your convenience to meet your needs. All counselors that enter the waiting room are extremely kind, caring and considerate. The atmosphere in the waiting room is very welcoming with magazines to read, hot tea is available, and books to read.

I have been seeing my counselor for over ten years. She has treated my mental illness with utmost respect and care in our sessions. She has guided me through a very painful divorce and my mother’s death, and my son’s addictions. She has inspired me with her wisdom in all these different difficult situations. I consider her my mentor when it comes to my lifelong depression.

Over all these years, my counselor has never been late for our appointment and I have always been seen on time.

I’ll never forget when I was very sick with my mental illness how she was available for me over the phone at any time of the day, and how she came in very early in the morning before hours to meet with me and make sure I got to the hospital safely. I believe my counselor goes above and beyond her call of duty when I need her. I look forward to continuing my counseling sessions with her in the years to come. She will always be my inspiration.