Sue’s Vision

Sue’s Vision for WWC

It has been my pleasure to provide counseling services to community residents for over twenty years. Wellness Works Counseling has grown into a thriving practice where we meet the client where they are in terms of changes they would like to make in their lives. My goal is to create a hospitable environment where individuals and families feel supported.

WWC attracts providers who are well-qualified and who fully engage with their clients as they progress.  For some, mental health wellness may be viewed as an afterthought, but I consider this service as a fundamental necessity that improves all areas of being.  At WWC, healing relationships are primarily built with the therapists.  That work may be supplemented by medication management and techniques to promote healing the body and mind.  Simply put, WWC is a place to build meaningful relationships, develop our interests, and gradually grow in sometimes unexpected ways.

Dr. Susan Mickley Drolet